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Bronze Company Formation Package



Our Basic Company Formation Pack, delivering all your corporate documents via email

This is a no frills incorporation package, supplying a ready-to-trade company with all incorporation documents supplied in electronic format via email within minutes of your company being registered at Companies House.

The Bronze Pack is the perfect solution for protecting the name for future use. If you are not ready to start trading immediately, you can register the company for only £18.39 keeping the name just for you.

What's Included In This Package

  • Ready to trade Limited Company
    Your new Limited Company will be registered and could be ready to trade within 3 working hours
  • No complicated paper forms to complete
    Use our simple Companies House approved fully online ordering system
  • ALL Government Duties / Companies House fees included
    The official registration fee is included in ALL our package prices
  • Digital copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
    A digital (PDF) version of your Certificate of Incorporation will automatically be emailed to you as soon as Companies House confirm the successful incorporation of your company
  • Digital copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association
    A digital (PDF) version of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of your company will automatically be emailed to you as soon as Companies House confirm the successful incorporation
  • Digital copies of the Share Certificates
    Digital (PDF) versions of the Share Certificates issued for your company will automatically be emailed to you as soon as Companies House confirm the successful incorporation

What's Included In All Our Packages?

  • Companies House Filing Fee Included
    All our packages include the Companies House filing fee
  • Company Credit Report
    Assess potential customers or partners and check details and credit history
  • Free Business Bank Account
    Get a free business bank account with every successful company formation
  • Corporate Hijacking Protection
    Receive alerts every time a change to your company is filed at Companies House
  • Professional Accountancy and Tax Consultation from Cobia
    One to one consultancy with professional accountants (Optional)
  • Free 1-month no-obligation trial of Farillio
    Access legal documents and receive guidance to grow your business with Farillio

Bronze Company Formation Package



Looking For Something Extra?

Upgrade to our Silver Package that includes:

  • Printed Certificate of Incorporation
    A printed copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of your company is provided on Companies House approved paper. This is often required by banks when opening a business bank account
  • 1 x Bound Copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association
    A high quality bound copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association is included in this pack
  • Printed Share Certificates
    Printed copies of this legal document confirming the ownership of the Limited company will be sent to you by 1st class post.

Only £20.40 More

Bronze Company Formation Package


Check Your Company Name To See If It's Available

Bronze Package FAQs

Our Mail Forwarding Service services are offered at significant discounted prices during the company order process

What type of company will be incorporated?

Our standard company type is a fully trading UK Private Limited Company, limited by shares. This type of company is the most popular type of company formation incorporated in the UK. Operating as a separate legal entity, it offers the owner’s protection of personal assets as their financial liability is limited to the value of the shares they take in the company.

As this pack includes only digital documents, can I print these myself?

Absolutely but it’s possible that a bank (or other institution) may wish to see the Certificate of Incorporation printed on Companies House approved paper, as all our originals are.

What if I’m only interested in protecting the company name?

The only way to protect the name of a company for future use is to incorporate the company now. If you are not expecting to trade immediately, and therefore will not require a bank account, then our Bronze Package is the cheapest way to secure your preferred company name. As previously stated, if you want to open a bank account we recommend our Silver Package as most banks require this official documentation.

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