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Farillio will be pre-selected on the Optional Extras page under the Business Essentials section during your company order formation process.

Get free access for 1 month

You’re the expert in what your business needs… all you need is the recipe to get there.

And Farillio delivers that directly to you – setting law very firmly in the context of your wider business activities and needs.

Because law’s really important…

…but it’s often not the first step you’ll take to achieve something you want in business.

Get 1 month free access to Farillio and get quick, simple direction on how you can:

  • Protect yourself from cashflow problems - by learning how and when to use late-payment interest, and how to get those invoices paid on time (or as soon as possible after that!)
  • Benefit more from what you create - from enforcing your copyright to registering a trademark, looking after your IP can both protect and increase revenues for your business
  • Feel confident that you're GDPR compliant - the laws on data protection changed in 2018, and Farillio’s 14-point checklist and extra guidance can help you check you’re doing things right
  • Build the right team around you - make sure you know the difference between a worker, an employee and a freelance contractor when adding to your workforce
  • Do business on the strongest terms - it’s so important to have contracts that work for you, not against you. And Farillio’s editable templates have all the clauses and guidance you need

The guidance & resources your small business needs

Farillio provides a whole host of multimedia legal guides, templates, step-by-step checklists, video tutorials...

like these…

Try a month (for free!) at Farillio to help you get off to the best start... with access to all the guides and templates mentioned here, plus loads more to help you through almost any business scenario.

And it doesn't stop with law... Farillio joins the dots between law and every other aspect of running your business: marketing, sales, PR, finance, HR, accounting, and so much more...

"I am LOVING Farillio. I'd been getting lost on Google trying to figure things out but kept getting lost in rabbit holes/legal jargon. I've now read/watched quite a few of the how-to guides related to starting and running a business, and I feel so empowered. It's so easily digestible and so well curated."
Riya Pabari | Founder & CEO | Founders Academy

You didn't start your business to spend hours guessing what you need to do.

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