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Are EU citizens safe?

EU Flag

It is understood that the 3 million EU nationals that live in the UK will have their rights protected, but after Theresa May proposed a cut-off date to EU immigration the future of new EU migrants looks shaky. A debate concerning EU nationals will take place at 15:30 with a vote around 18:00 in the House of Lords.

Trump’s state visit postponed

Donald Trump

Trump’s state visit to the UK has been postponed until early October. Apparently, this has to do with avoiding “protests and MPs’ snubs”.

UK aiming to lead the digital revolution

The government want to launch a plan to keep the UK as a leading digital country after Brexit. It intends on offering digital skills to individuals, charities and businesses by 2020. The digital strategy also consists of creating 5 international tech hubs in emerging markets.

FTSE 100 index rising after Trumps speech

FTSE 100 Index definition

Trump’s speech has put investors more at ease and made London’s market rise strongly. Trump has state he’d pledge $1 trillion in infrastructure spending and big tax cuts to the middle class. However, he has not stated how/who would pay for this.

Space tourism

Moon by Matt Benson

The SpaceX Moon mission which aims to take ‘space tourists’ around the moon and back. They aim to launch in late 2018.

Ford to cut jobs

Ford logo on car

After cutting investment to the new Dragon engine project in September, the Unite union claims that 1,160 jobs will be cut by 2021. This will impact both the US and the UK.

YouTube taking on cable

Youtube Logo

YouTube has launched a $35 per month TV subscription. It will carry 40 channels including ABC, Fox and ESPN, but still does not have the likes of HBO and CNN. This is a US products that has put traditional US cable companies on edge.

Tagged animals at risk

Wolf by Josh Felise

Scientists often tag animals to study their movements and lifestyles in more depth – especially endangered animals. However, the tech is being used my hunters, fishers and some tourists to get closer to the animals. When it comes to endangered species, having hunters being able to track them only dwindles their numbers even further.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon logo

AWS went down with no explanation from Amazon. This rental cloud server caused major disruptions on sites such as Quora and Trello. Other services that seemed to be running slow or had glitches were Slack, Netflix, Airbnb and Spotify.

UK housing prices on the rise

Property for sale

In February, UK housing prices accelerated. According to Nationwide, it has risen by 4.5% in the last year.

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