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Tackling London’s air pollution problem

London Air Pollution over the Thames

Sadiq Khan is doubling spend to decrease nitrogen dioxide level in London. As one of the most polluted cities in Europe and with 9,500 premature deaths each year due to poor air quality, the mayor will focus on TfL’s buses and black cabs.

High rent creating in-work poverty

Property to let

A study suggests that the housing crisis and high rent has created in-work poverty. Despite the UK economy recovering, it seems workers’ job security and financial positions are increasingly under threat.

Brexit timetable put to a vote


Theresa May will publish her Brexit plan for MPs to vote on by end of March 2017.

Google hitting renewable energy targets


Google data centres are on track to hitting their renewable energy targets for 2017. Although they still use some fossil fuels, they can offset energy to become as close to 100% renewable as possible.

Hospital bed wait

Hospital Bed

The number of patients in 2015-16 waiting for hospital beds in the UK have increase five-fold since 2010-11 NHS figures show that.

North and South poles heating up

Sea Ice

Sea ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic have hit a record low this November.

Amazon go

Amazon has opened shop where no queues or cashiers exist.

Drug giant fined for overcharging the NHS

Pfizer logo

Pfizer was fined £8.4m for overcharging the NHS for an anti-epilepsy drug on watchdog.

Foreign cars price jump if a good Brexit deal isn’t negotiated

Volkswagen logo

It is said that foreign cars imported to the UK could see an increase by £1,500. Like most industries, this will depend on what agreement the UK can negotiate with the EU.

Piccadilly Circus’ bright lights out

Piccadilly Circus Advert Board

The advertising boards that we all know are to be switched off at Piccadilly Circus. This is to replace the 6 separate ad boards with one curved screen.

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