What began as a simple invoicing app in 2013, Nutcache has now developed to become an all-in-one project management app that allows for the tracking of time, the invoicing of clients and easier team collaboration. It lists itself as “one of the best” project management and accounting apps.

What is Nutcache?

Nutcache is designed for SMEs, entrepreneurs or freelancers who are looking to spend their time elsewhere other than with tasks such as invoices, timesheets, and profit reports. Their mission is to “simplify teamwork”, and with Nutcache they hope to allow businesses and SMEs to become more successful by focusing on other vital tasks.

They have won several awards, including FinancesOnline 2016 Expert’s Choice Award and listed as a Category Leader by GetApp in 2016.

What are the benefits of using Nutcache?

Nutcache is highly rated around the market by SMEs and freelancers alike. For a start, its all-in-one nature is excellent, allowing you to complete multiple tasks in one place without the need for several different apps. It helps to keep your work and processes streamlined and consistent. For further simplicity, it has a centralised project screen where everything is kept nicely in one place.

It is extremely useful for team collaboration, where you can easily assign certain members certain tasks and track their time. For the bigger picture, you can produce reports and see dashboards, all giving you a nice overflow of the current state of your work. It will clearly display the important information for you, so you can quickly see the exact state of your projects and accounting with the critical data.

Keeping with their theme of simplicity, expenses can be grouped into categories and sub-categories with detailed reports, and it is an easy project management app to navigate and search. As you can quote your client, manage the project right until the end and then invoice them through the app, it really does keep everything in one place. This will mean that your accounts are managed from start to finish, without you needing to input all the numbers at the end of the project as with many other apps.

What are the drawbacks of using Nutcache?

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to using Nutcache is that you need an internet connection to make it work, so it cannot be used anywhere on the go. Generally speaking, in this day and age we are all connected at all times, but should the internet go down or if you are working from abroad, connection may be a little more of an issue. This should only be a temporary problem, but it takes away from the complete simplicity that Nutcache provides.

There are also other smaller issues cited by users, such as the fact that non-billable lunches cannot be input nor the length of time that they took. Other users also say that the reporting function could use some refinement.

What are the alternatives to Nutcache?

There is not a great deal of alternatives to Nutcache as Nutcache does several tasks rather than just one. However, some well-established apps are Trello, which is a great project management app, and Slack, which is a brilliant app for team communication and collaboration. You can see a list of other alternatives here.

Is Nutcache right for me?

Nutcache has not been available on the market as long as some of the other alternatives and so perhaps does not quite have the same reliable history as many other options. However, despite this, it is bold in its aims of bringing accounting, project & time management and team collaboration all under one roof, and for the most part it seems to achieve these aims. A look around the internet will return you very little in the way of negative user reviews and it seems that the app is going from strength to strength.

As with any app or piece of software, it will have functions and features that suit different users, and you need to try it before you decide. It achieves a lot, and would be more than useful for your SME by keeping everything together rather than having multiple people or apps managing multiple tasks. As your employee headcount will be smaller in an SME, accounting apps like Nutcache help by making up the numbers. Nutcache offer a free trial, so there is no reason not to give it a go!

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  1. Good day,
    It’s with great interest that I read the review you made of Nutcache, our all-in-one project management application.
    However, I would like to draw your attention to a few inaccuracies. Presenting Nutcache as an accounting application can be misleading. Nutcache is basically a project management app with integrated time tracking, expense management and invoicing. It does not include the comprehensive features one would expect from an accounting application. Secondly, the image you used as your article header is outdated.

    We would really appreciate if you could make the necessary corrections.

    Marc Guévin
    The Nutcache Team