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EU citizens in the UK compile documents

Brexit protest, EU

Lady Kennedy has suggested that EU citizens in the UK should start gathering paperwork (ie bills, rental/home ownership documents, employment paperwork etc.) to safeguard themselves against Brexit.

Investors encouraged to support low carbon footprint businesses

carbon pollution

Mark Carney has drawn up guidelines for investors to allocate capital to great startups who keep the climate change targets – keeping the rise in global temperature to less than 2C. Companies with big carbon footprints will jeopardise the fight against climate change.

UK unemployment rate falling

Jobless total

UK unemployment has fallen again according to the Office for National Statistics.

HSBC closes 321 branches

hsbc logo

With more people using internet banking, HSBC (and other banks) are closing hundreds of their smaller branches in more rural areas which, ironically, is where most people use branches.

Uber drivers picketed City Hall

Uber appUber drivers are seen (by Uber) as self-employed contractors, but they have protested outside of City Hall requesting a minimum wage, sick pay and paid holidays. This could have a huge impact on workers in the gig economy.

Alphabet launches Waymo

waymo self driving car

Aphabet launched Waymo as another subsidiary company to stand alongside Google. Waymo means to take its self driving car and turn it into a viable business.

Labour claiming to end rough sleeping

rough sleepers

Labour is claiming to end rough sleeping by douobling the number of homes for the homeless.

Twitter failing to curb hate-crime

Twitter logo sketch

Social media platforms are riddled with the difficulties of digital ethics. Twitter, for one, is failing to curb hate-crime against various groups including those of Muslim and Jewish faith as well as the LGBT+ community.

Pokémon Go adds new characters

Pokémon GO for startupsAlthough Pokémon Go saw a surge of users and then saw them lapse, they are now introducing second generation Pokémon. As another push, a Pikachu wearing a festive hat is also up for grabs.

high-profile figures get compensations for being wrongly accused

New Scotland Yard

The Met chief has stated that high-profile figures that are wrongly accused of child sexual abuse could receive a compensation as part of Operation Midlands carried out by Scotland Yard.

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