Companies House filing extension

3-month accounts filing extension to their filing deadline is a joint initiative between the government and Companies House. This extension will lighten the compliance burden on the entrepreneur and mean they can prioritise managing the impact of Coronavirus. You can find out how to apply for the extension and appeal a fine in this article.

Companies House have been working hard to try and help businesses as much as possible during this period of COVID-19 restrictions. Their first initiative was to give companies a lengthy (3 month) extension to file their accounts to prevent companies from being liable for penalties during this period. Companies House have now clarified the measures they have put in place to manage extensions granted for the filing of late accounts.

Companies House 3 Month COVID-19 Filing Extension

All businesses will be able to apply for a 3-month accounts filing extension to file their accounts. All companies who apply for an extension as a result of COVID-19 will automatically be granted the extension. They will not be needing to provide evidence.

Companies House Late Filing Penalty Appeals and Penalty Payment Options

Companies House have now announced that when a company files their accounts after the filing deadline a late filing penalty will be automatically applied.

The Registrar has put in place extended measures to help companies who have been issued with late filing notices.  The Registrar is not however able to prevent a notice being issued to your company.

COVID 19 will be treated as an exceptional circumstance. Your company will need to appeal against the late filing notice in order for the appeal to be considered. Appeals will be treated on a case by case basis and the Registrar cannot guarantee all appeals will be upheld.

How to appeal for a late filing penalty online

Appeals for late filing penalties can now be made online in minutes at Companies House. You will need to create an account if you have not already got one. You will also need the following information to hand to complete the form.

  • Your unique company number
  • Your online filing authentication code
  • The company’s penalty reference
  • The reason for the appeal – cite your company’s COVID-19 issues

You can follow the link below to start the appeal:

If a late filing penalty occurred on or after 30 March 2020, you may be able to pay your late filing penalty online. You can find a link to the online service on the penalty notice.  If your penalty occurred before 30 March 2020, or if your have multiple penalties, a part paid penalty or a penalty under an instalment plan, payment should be made by BACS instead.

You can find Further information here –