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The Autumn Statement

Autumn leaves

Philip Hammond will give his Autumn Statement at 12:30GMT today. Areas that will be covered include increasing national living wage to £7.50 per hour from April 2017, investing £2 billion a year in science by 2020 and spending £1.4 billion on affordable housing. This is the first statement since Brexit.

Tech giants sticking around post-Brexit


Despite the fear of a drop off in talent, the likes of Facebook and Google are staying in the UK.

Letting agents banned from imposing upfront tenancy fees

Property to let

Part of the Autumn Statement follows Scotland’s example. Letting agents will be banned from imposing any upfront fees for tenants. This does, however, make people tenants worry that rent may rise as a consequence.

Deliveroo hacked

Deliveroo cyclist

Deliveroo’s user accounts have been hacked. People have been ordering food on unassuming user accounts, raking up their bills.

ATMs remotely hacked


One of Russia’s cybersecurity firms has sent out a warning about ATM malware. Hacks have seen ATMs “spit out money” without being physically tampered with, whilst “money mules” pick up the cash. This has been seen in the UK as well as Russia, Poland, Estonia, Armenia, Spain and the Netherlands.

Is that bar busy?

eating lots of food

Google is now reporting in real-time whether venues you’ve searched are actually busy or not.

Trump stripping Nasa of funding in Earth Science

Nasa satellite

The sector in Nasa dedicated to studying ice, clouds, temperature and other climate phenomena is being stripped back in favour of deep space exploration by the president-elect. The Earth Science sector has provided huge amounts of information and data to help people study climate change.

Facebook might be losing their principles

Chinese flag

Rumour has it that Facebook is working on censorship software in order to tap into the Chinese market. It has been stressed that, like so many in-house projects, many are not implemented, but this particular one could lead to intense censorship.

North pole melting

The Arctic

Alarmingly warm air and sea surface temperature at the Arctic could mean that sea ice could hit a record low next year.

Volkswagen shifting to clean energy

Volkswagen logo

Volkswagen aim to be the leading electric car manufacturer by 2025.