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Remain voters urged to support the Brexit bill

Paper Ship With British And European Flag

Lord Lamont is urging Remain voters to accept the Brexit bill so that the government can propose the bill to the EU without delay. Others are arguing that this would be giving the Leave voters a blank cheque

Lloyds achieving highest profits in a decade

Lloyds bank logo

Lloyds banking group has hit its highest annual profits in a decade. According to their report, this was helped by a reduction in PPI provisions.

Smart cities

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

Sensors and data collection are becoming more and more common. Many cities face problems as being permanently light (which negatively impacts your sleep and thus your health), and electricity is one of the largest energy bills a city has to pay. Smart cities, such as Barcelona, have managed to save up to 30% in electricity with their interconnected system which monitors the city streets, weather and air-quality to help improve the city, cut down on consumption and decrease bills.

Facebook lacking in action

Facebook logo

After several complaints from a mother whose child’s photos had been misused on Facebook (photos of a young boy with chickenpox being publicised as a child with cancer), Facebook has finally deleted these 2 fake accounts. One of the accounts was removed when the mother had complained but was back online within 24 hours. It took news coverage of the story for Facebook to take proper action.

Life expectancy on the rise


Life expectancy is predicted to break 90 by 2030. A study suggests that South Korean women will be the first to break this barrier.

Plastic from tyres having an impact on ocean pollution

Car tyres

Microplastics from tyres and textiles can actually be more harmful in ocean pollution in some areas than large plastic. We need to develop ways to avoid using these pollutants in order to save marine life as well as human health.

Hospital cuts

NHS logo

Almost two-thirds of hospitals in England could be cut or scaled back. This is an attempt to centralise healthcare and save money by creating better care for the community.

AI setting you up on a date

couple lying on the grass

Tinder has changed from a casual relationship app to a I-might-marry-you-one-day app. To help the app grow up, Tinder is considering integrating AI to set you up on a date.


Scientists in Boston have created a solution to the old ketchup in a bottle conundrum. Liquiglide helps liquids simply glide out of the container. From ketchup to paint pots, it is applied on the surface of the bottle and allows every bit of liquid to come out, thus reducing waste.

EE helium balloons

EE logo

EE has launched a fleet of blimps to help increase broadband coverage in rural areas of the UK.

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