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Nominee Secretary Service

Use us as your Nominee Company Secretary.

Although a company secretary is no longer a legal requirement for private companies, some third parties may still require you to have a secretary appointed. If this is the case for you, but you have no one willing to act then you may appoint us as the company secretary and we will sign in this capacity as instructed

Nominee Director Service

Want to keep your involvement with the company private? We can provide a professional director to act on your behalf.

We can provide a Nominee, a British individual resident in Mauritius, to act as the Director of your company. The fee includes a Power of Attorney made out to you as the Beneficial Owner of the company, along with Letters of Authority to enable you to carry out the ordinary business of the company. Standard minutes and resolutions will be signed free of charge by the Director, but courier charges may be incurred. Full details of supplementary fees are given here (all prices exclude vat)

Nominee Shareholder Service

Appoint Company Formations 247 as your shareholder whilst retaining all ownership and dividends.

If one of the shareholders to your company wishes to keep the details of their investment private then we can provide a nominee to hold shares on their behalf.

We will appoint a company under our control as the registered holder of some or all of the shares in your company but you, or another individual you specify, will remain the Beneficial Owner. The only public records regarding ownership of the shares contain the details of the registered holder, preserving your anonymity. We will provide you with a Deed of Trust binding us to act in accordance with your instructions and confirming that we have no beneficial interest in the shares, waiving all dividends in your favour, as well as providing you with a signed Stock Transfer Form so that you may terminate the arrangement at any time.


Hand plier company seal

Emboss all your company paperwork with your company name and number.

Hardback Company Register

To maintain and organize your company’s statutory records.

Loose Leaf Company Register

To maintain and organize your company’s statutory records.


Maintenance of Statutory Books

We will take care of your company’s statutory requirement to maintain up to date registers, available for inspection.

Every company is legally required to maintain a number of registers, together called the Statutory Books, which must usually be made available to view by anyone that requests it. With this service we will maintain the Statutory Books for you and keep them in our offices to reduce the administrative burden on you and to limit any inconvenience should anyone wish to inspect them.

This service also includes the preparation of all standard Companies House forms*, Stock Transfer Forms, standard minutes and the electronic filing of the Annual Return (AR01) and its associated filing fee.

Finally you will receive a 25% discount off our list prices for any bespoke secretarial work requested plus free secretarial telephone support from our experienced Company Secretarial department. *Companies House forms we considered ‘standard’ are AP01, AP02, AP03, AP04, CH01, CH02, CH03, CH04, TM01, TM02, AA01, AA02, AD01, AD02, AD03, AD04 and SH01, other forms may be prepared at our discretion.

London Registered Office Service

Protect Your Address with a Prestigious London Registered Office. Includes FREE mail forwarding for all Official Mail.

A company’s registered office address is available to view by the public free of charge. If you would prefer to keep your address off the public record, or you would like to give the impression that your business is based in London, why not take advantage of our cost effective Registered Office Service, which includes the forwarding of all official mail to your specified address.

Mail Forwarding Service

If you would like to use our address for all of your company’s correspondence then why not take advantage of our Full Mail Forwarding Service.

With this service you may use our address as the main correspondence address of your company and we will forward your mail on to you. This service is ideal for small or new start-up businesses that do not wish to be seen as operating from home, or would like to benefit from the use of a London address, and includes the daily forwarding of all business mail (excluding parcels) to your specified address.

Our address is a genuine office location with dedicated mail handling staff. We do not operate imitation 'mail box' addresses. This helps give the impression that your business is actually based at our address rather than being a forwarding service.

If purchased with your company formation, the annual fees for the Mail Forwarding service are discounted to £80 + postage and a 10p per item handling charge. Per item charges are not applied to official mail where an active registered office service is in place and are charged on a monthly basis in arrears.


Printed Certificate of Incorporation

Printed Certificate of Incorporation on official paper (normally required for bank account opening).

3x bound copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association

The Memorandum & Articles of Association of your company in booklet format.

5x bound copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association

The Memorandum & Articles of Association of your company in booklet format.


VAT Registration Service

Need / want to register for VAT ? We take care of the formalities.

You may need to be registered for VAT by law.

  • If you expect your turnover to exceed £70,000 in the next 12 months you are required to register, unless your supplies are classed as exempt
  • If your turnover is expected to be less than £70,000 but you want to register voluntarily

With only a handful of additional questions, we can complete and submit your VAT application. The information you have already submitted is 90% of that required to complete the application. Why not let our Chartered Accountants, iPlan Accounting, take care of this for you.

More Details

PAYE Registration Service

Will you have employees / director taking a salary ? We take care of the formalities in registering with HMRC.

If anyone is to be paid a salary from your company, including a director, you need to be registered for PAYE by law.

Failure to register promptly can result in penalties so why not let our Chartered Accountants, iPlan Accounting, take care of this for you.

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Combined VAT & PAYE Registration

Why not take advantage of our discounted package combining both VAT and PAYE registration for your new company?

More Details


First Entries into Looseleaf Register

The completion of the company statutory registers as at the date of incorporation, presented in a high quality loose leaf company register.

Officer Service Address service

Keep your residential address as a Director off of the public register.

There is nothing to stop you from using your Residential Address as your Service Address, but if you would prefer to keep this information confidential and off the public register, then using our London address will provide this confidentiality. We will then forward all Directors statutory mail with no additional postage charges.

FREE Accountancy Consultation

FREE initial consultation with our Chartered Accountants, iPlan.

We have partnered with iPlan Accounting, Chartered Accountants who specialise in providing annual accounting and tax services to start up businesses from only £50 a month. They work on a fixed fee basis and will take care of dealing with all your accounts and taxation matters leaving you free to run your business.

Benefits of using iPlan include:

  • Free initial consultation to get you started
  • Full online services
  • Fixed fee with no surprises
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Ability to spread our fee over a period of 12 months
  • Access to experienced Chartered Accountants for advice on your business growth into the future
Intellectual Property Service
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