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The pound hits a 31-year low

Small Stacks Of Pound Coins

On Tuesday, the pound hit a 31-year low against the dollar. This is due to the foreboding affects that Brexit may have on the UK’s access to the single market.

Jockeys moving away from High Street banks

Jockeys racing

The Professional Jockeys Association (PJA) has urged jockeys to move away from major High Street banks after £200,000 had been stolen from approximately 30 jockeys across the UK. This could be an opportunity for FinTech to step in.

80% of pensioners not receiving proper advice

Senior Couple Meeting With Financial Advisor At Home

According to TUC, 80% of pensioners use their pensions to buy a retirement income with no professional advice.

Yahoo! their users’ email for the US government

Yahoo Mail Mobile Applications.

According to a Reuters report, Yahoo! has scanned millions of its users’ emails for the US government. This rumour comes only 2 weeks after Yahoo! was hacked and data was stolen. Apparently, Yahoo! is the only company to have received a request from the government to carry out this exercise.

Amazon bans incentivised reviews

Amazon Shipping Box With Branded Tape.

A recent study shows that customers that get a free or discounted product will leave better reviews, thus Amazon is banning this to create more authentic and truthful testimonies. You will only be allowed to leave incentivised reviews via Amazon’s new program, Amazon Vine.

Pembient may complete synthetic Rhino horns in 2 years

Mother And Calf After Been Darted

Killing rhinos for their horns has seen the population of the species drop. Startups, such as Pembient, are trying to make bio-identical rhino horns to stop this surge in poaching. This has proved effective in other industries such as lab-grown Orchids for collectors and a synthesised version of bear bile for Chinese medicine.

Low-carbon cities creating economic opportunities


According to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), low-carbon markets were worth £26 billion to London’s economy. This was due to the private and public sectors working together to deliver economic growth and carbon cuts.

UK’s takeaway cup dilemma

Close-up Female Hand Throwing Paper Cup On Trash

There have been movements in the world to ban plastic bags, but the UK’s takeaway cups are beginning to become an issue too. A cup takes about 30 years to break down and with billions disposed of every day, this recycling issue is starting to affect our waste.

4chan in a financial crisis

guy fawkes mask by vanda10-d3hc8t9

The anonymous message board, 4chan, is in financial trouble.

Google new product launch

Google Office

Google has launched the Pixel smartphone and Google Home – a voice-controlled speaker. Will Google manage to take on Amazon Echo and Siri?

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