In a month’s time, ghouls, ghosts and grooving zombies will be roaming the streets searching for candy or a pumping night out. But as a startup, what could you be doing for Halloween?

Creepy content

If you have a newsletter, website or anything that your customers will see, add a little Halloween twist to it. This will make your content more intriguing and it will have a certain level of novelty.

Also, social media campaigns and competitions could be a well-timed addition if you can find a way to make it relevant to your business.

Getting into ‘the season’ so to speak is always a great way to engage with your customers.

Get creative with it. Make it fun.

Spooky products and services

There are several ways you can approach your products and services. Limited addition or one off seasonal packaging is a great approach. If you sell food products, you could consider everything from ingredients (think pumpkins) to the physical appearance of the food. For example, companies like HelloFresh could consider providing recipes to Halloween themed dinners.

Company culture

It’s Halloween, so why not bring some of the fun into the office. You could have Halloween drinks, decorate the office, come in fancy dress, hold costume competitions or even do something silly like choreograph your staff do recreate the thriller music video! This can be as relaxed as you want, but it always helps lift staff morale.


Here’s a flash from the past with Innocent Drinks and their Jim Anderson’s Chiller movie to get you in the mood!

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