Keeping up with the news can be tricky. Even the most eagle-eyed observer can miss a vital news story.  We think being up-to-date on economic developments is key to the success of your startup.

Every Wednesday we provide the top 10 key bits of business news from the past week.

Berlin to steal London’s tech talent


London and Berlin have long been tech hubs in Europe, but the uncertainty of Brexit and the potential cut-off from the single market is making many startups wonder whether they should move to Berlin. Many are struggling with the choice as London may have a mature market, but not having access to the single market could be catastrophic for some young companies.

UK inflation stays at 0.6%

Small Stacks Of Pound Coins

UK inflation is staying at 0.6%, but import prices are rising sharply.

GoPro launch Karma

GoPro logo

GoPro has seen itself lose money in recent time due to competitors taking up more of the market share. Now GoPro is trying to make a comeback by launching Karma – a foldable drone/quadcopter that can fit in a backpack. It has detachable stabilisers that can be attached to the drone, a helmet or handheld. With it, the launch of the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session products are out and have voice activation technology.

UK prime minister ratifies Paris climate change deal

Theresa May stated to the UN that the UK will continue its efforts to reduce emissions. She claims to ratify the agreement to fight climate change by the end of the year.

Quantum internet and teleportation

Colorful Atom vector illustrationPhysicists have taken a step forward in quantum teleportation. The concept is to move information from one location to another without physically sending anything. The successful experiments (involving photons and optical fibres) could eventually lead to quantum cryptography.

HP printers rejecting budget ink cartridges

HP Ink cartridgesThe last HP firmware update saw HP printers only communicating with HP-chipped cartridges. Complaints have erupted. Handy trick: HP have confirmed that you can refill their official chipped cartridges with other ink.

Tony Blair closing down commercial ventures to focus on not-for-profit work

Tony BlairTony Blair is closing down his lobbying and consultancy businesses whilst keeping a few commercial contracts running. This will allow him to focus 80% of his time on not-for-profit work.

Labour leaders

CorbynVoting ends for the new labour leader at 12:00 BST today. The results will be announced at a special conference on Saturday in Liverpool.

Allo Google app to take on WhatsApp

Allo app by GoogleGoogle has launched Allo to compete with WhatsApp.

UK mortgages could be at less than 1% interest

House For SaleIf the bank of England cuts it’s base rate again, there could be a boost in the housing market. With interests potentially hitting less than 1%, home loans could become incredibly cheap.

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