Starting your own business is a massive journey, full of highs and lows (and hopefully highs again). We know that a blog is great from SEO-terms because it enables an easy way to keep your website updated with new content, on a consistent basis. This helps with ranking and how valuable it is deemed by search engines (and let’s face it: you need all the help you can get in those early days). Below are five reasons why keeping an ongoing blog is a tremendous plan going forward for any budding entrepreneur:

1: Good Habit

If you start doing so early on, then this will become second nature, and you’ll instantly find yourself sitting down to write more easily, every week. Ideas will come to you quicker as you go along, and there is less of a chance that you’ll run out of topics too. Organisation is key, especially if you can only rely on yourself. Keeping a blog will teach you to stay regimented, which is important in business.

2: More Time

You won’t have as many clients when you begin, as you hopefully will in the future. So make the most of this extra time while you have it. Yes, starting a business means investor meetings, drawing up plans, building premises etc.; but you can easily fit in 30 mins here and there, right? Writing can relax people, so do it on the train to one of these meetings. Before you get a full schedule of clients taking up your time, and you’re waiting for the phone to start ringing, keep yourself busy with the blog instead.

3: Your Customers Can Invest in You

Some will be reluctant to take up the services of an unestablished brand; however, if you over time you can show some personality and illustrate what makes you tick as a person, a relationship can develop from afar. Someone is more likely to read a blog entry because it is anonymous and they can take their time to decide whether they like your philosophies and business mantra. It also is a part of branding that you can do yourself, without seeking out a large marketing team that they big players in your sector might have at their disposal. Who is the man behind the company?

4: Track Progress

You’ll have so many exciting new experiences as you start your business that everything feels like an achievement. Of course these goals and objectives get bigger with time, but going back to earlier entries can bring back that feeling of the “small victory”; this can be incredibly motivating in tough times. New customers can see how far you’ve come as well. Timeline on Facebook was introduced for just this purpose; to go back and forth along someone’s lifetime, and a blog can offer the same scope.


Paul works for I Say! Digital; a digital marketing company in Brighton. He maintains the blogs for several clients from various sectors, enjoying the challenge of researching and putting together content that each audience will enjoy. He himself blogs in his own time, on personal interests like MMA.