First impressions are important when establishing business relationships, obtaining clients and building a customer base. Signs reflect your company’s image and draw attention to your business. This is not something that should be passed over if you want to establish the proper image in your potential client’s mind. Without one, you are missing out on a vital element that works to promote your products or services all day every day.


If you are starting a new company, your brand needs to be established and cohesively represented across all mediums from your business cards, stationary, website and signage for both your business and vehicle. A sign can be an extremely effective way to advertise your business and after the initial investment, it becomes a very cost effective form of advertising.


For a start up, a sign will instantly start gaining you visibility and help build your brand awareness. A company’s signage must not only be attractive, it must be in the right location and stand out apart the nearby competition. It must be eye catching and easy to read.


A sign’s function is communication, whether it be conveying information about or advertising for your business or directing traffic in your store and facilitating impulse purchases. In a way, a sign can be considered a salesperson. Besides attracting new customers, signs act to reinforce your brand in the mind of consumers.


External signage for your business can be mounted on the building facade, or mounted on the grounds outside of your business. Location is a very important factor here. Signage must be visible to traffic passing by. People are either walking or driving by so this means that the sign must be at the right angle for the best visibility. The sign must not be too cluttered, otherwise a passerby may not get the message you are trying to convey. Keep it simple, yet eye catching. Your goal as an entrepreneur is to design your sign to be remarkable and memorable.


When finding a sign company to design, build and install your sign, you must consider the following questions. What zoning and code restrictions does my location allow? The sign company, if local should already know this, and will almost always obtain the permits for the project. Both established businesses and new business will have already identified their target market and demographic of their consumers, and this plays into sign design. The target market will help determine size, shape and messaging. The last question is budget; how much are you willing to pay? A good sign company will help you analyze your needs and come up with a creative solution that fit your budget. Size, detail and materials of the sign can be changed to accommodate budget.