One important task when completing the registration of a new company will be to appoint the company directors. All limited companies must appoint at least one director. When forming a private limited company, it is possible to appoint several directors. One director must be a human person or the authorising person. Corporate private bodies such as other companies can also be appointed as directors of a private limited company but there must be one authorising person as director. For public limited companies, (or plc) there must be at least 2 directors.

Directors for private limited companies will normally be appointed by the company’s shareholders. There are certain restrictions that must be followed when appointing a director.

  • Candidates must not have been disqualified from being a company director in a court of law. If this is the case then court permission will need to have been granted.
  • If a candidate has been undischarged bankrupt then court permission will be required
  • All company directors must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

Company directors can be appointed by contacting Companies House. Details of the company and the person taking on the role of company director will be required. In most cases a director of the private limited company will take on the role as authorising person.

Appointing a company director can be completed directly with companies House. In order to appoint a director, you will need to complete Form AP02  – Appointment of a corporate Director. The following information will be required;

  • The registered Company Name for the company appointing the director
  • The registered Company Number
  • Date of appointment
  • Full Name and date of birth of the person being appointed as company director.
  • Full company name and address of the corporate body being appointed as director
  • Full residential address
  • Signature of the new company director or authorising person

There is no monetary cost to appointing a new company director. All information submitted which will include the authorising person will be available on the public register. You can find more information on appointing a company director by visiting the Companies House Website. Alternatively you can contact us at company formations 247 where we can complete your online company formation application for you. No paperwork or signatures will be needed.

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