Company Formation

In most cases now, registering a new company will be completed online through the use of a company formation agent. Over 95% of new company registrations are now completed online through specialised agents such as Company Formations 247. There is currently no online company registration service offered by Companies House so limited companies can still be incorporated directly through Companies House by using the following paper Forms. Form IN01 – Application to register a Company

The IN01 document is the main form required and will include the following information;

  • Your new company name
  • Company type
  • Registered office address and Location
  • Names of company secretary if appointing one. For private Limited companies the appointment of a company secretary is optional.
  • Names of company director(s)
  • Names and Addresses of Company Directors
  • Share capital information

Company Formation forms

Memorandum of association

A Memorandum of association will contain information such as the company’s name and the location of the registered office such as England, Scotland or Wales. This document also sets out the objects of the company, a statement which outlines the liability of all members and details of its share capital. For companies limited by guarantee, the Memorandum of association will contain details of the amount that members will contribute in a winding up. For UK companies this document will also show the names of each shareholder or subscriber and the number of shares each member holds.

Articles of Association

The articles of association will provide details of the rules concerned with running the company. All shareholders and directors will agree to these. These rules will include details about the running of the company, legal responsibility and internal management affairs. This Information wills also outline rules affecting certain decisions that affect the company and the role of shareholders and directors in those decisions. In most cases, there is a standard model that can be used however companies can have their own rules as long as no laws are broken.

Where can I get these documents?

All forms including the IN01 Form, memorandum and articles of association can be downloaded from the Companies House website. You can find the following documents here.

IN01 Form

Memorandum and articles of association

Cost of Submission

Submitting these forms manually and registering a limited company directly with Companies House will cost £20. This will normally take around 8 Days. Same day service costs £50.
Online Company Formation

Registering a company online can be completed within just 3 hours through most reputable Company Formation agents such as Company Formations 247. With packages as low as £16.99, registering online can be a much quicker and efficient option. See our company formation packages available here.

This article was brought to by John Harkin from Company Formations 247. If you are looking for advice and guidance in registering a company online then visit the company formation 247 website for more details.