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Identity theft

Colorful stack of credit cards and shopping gift cards. Macro w

Identity fraud hit record levels in 2016. People aged under 30 were the many targets. According to Cifas, 88% of these frauds occurred online.

EU feels no threat from a Brexit

EU Flag

Donald Tusk has warned Theresa May that the EU does not feel threatened by the UK leaving with no deal rather than with a bad deal.

Driverless cars helpful or harmful

waymo self driving car

There have been worries about semi-autonomous cars encouraging complacency in drivers. With the government pumping money into getting driverless cars out in the next 10 years, some peers are starting to question it.

Is Scottish independence a possibility?

According to an academic study, support for Scottish independence is at its highest. However, it is now a popular attitude to believe that the EU has fallen. A second Scottish referendum may loom ahead.

UK unemployment at an all time low

multiracial youth

In the first 3 months of 2017, unemployment in the UK is at its lowest since 1976. However, many employers think that graduates are not ready for work when they step out of University.

Hate speech on social media

YouTube logo

Facebook, Twitter and Google (specifically YouTube) are being heavily criticised for their lack of action on hate speech. The social media companies believe they are working hard to ensure freedom of expression was protected within the law, but it is becoming increasingly transparent that the firms are not dealing with reports of hate speech adequately.

Google and Levi’s step into wearable tech

Google and Levis have partnered to make a denim jacket with tech woven into the fabric. The jacket will let the wearer do things such as learn the time, distance to destination and play music.

The Vatican at SXSW 2017 tech conference

The Pope

The Vatican was invited to attend the SXSW 2017 tech conference. Their mission? To understand what is driving people that will, most likely, shape our world.

Hacker ransoms on smart devices


Smartphones, fitness trackers and other smart devices can be used against you. A hacker can you your personal data to hold you to ransom, also known as Ransomware.

UK cruise ship damages reef

Indonesian coral reef

A UK cruise ship ran aground in Indonesia into a coral reef in low tide. The area is a top diving area. Although deemed as merely a mistake, the consequences could have critical damage on both the nature here as well as the diving tourism which brings economic stability to the region.

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