Keeping up with the news can be tricky. Even the most eagle-eyed observer can miss a vital news story. We think being up-to-date on economic developments is key to the success of your startup.

Every Wednesday we provide the top 10 key bits of business news from the past week.

Government review on the ‘gig’ economy

Deliveroo cyclist

A team of 4 experts are going to review workers’ rights in disruptive companies (e.g. Deliveroo) and how this is reflected in the ‘gig’ economy. This involves job security, pensions, holiday, parental leave and other areas.

999 ambulance response too slow


Ambulances are not reaching life threatening cases in time due to the increased demand and pressure. The system is at breaking point.

Security nightmare

The dark Internet on macbook

The Investigatory Powers Bill will get Royal Consent despite over 130,000 people signing a petition to have it scraped. It calls for all communications companies to retain records of all user activity for a year which is a cybersecurity nightmare.

Young women struggling to find work


There is an increase in young women, many of which have had teenage pregnancies, that can’t find work. This is due to the lack of support for them and their families.

UK road congestion tops Europe

Cars in traffic jam

The UK have the most congested roads in the whole of Europe suggests a study by Inrix. This has triggered the government to spend up to £1.3bn extra on road congestion.

Will Brexit affect UK nuclear fusion lab?

atom particle

The Culham Centre for Fusion Energy is located near Oxford. It has pioneered in its field, but it is mainly funded by the EU and the majority of the scientists there are not British. Will British science advancement be affected by Brexit?

Sleep-deprived workers impact UK economic growth


Research by Rand Europe claims that sleep-deprived workers cost the UK £40bn a year which equates to 1.86% of economic growth. This is due to absenteeism and lower productivity.

Amazon limits reviews

Amazon Shipping Box With Branded Tape.

Amazon is limiting the number of reviews a user can leave on the site. A user will only be able to leave 5 reviews a week on items that they did not buy on the online store. This is to stop false reviews.

Executive pay

50 pound sterling bank notes

The government is going to crack down on high levels of executive pay with the needs of justification from a company’s board. This should increase powers for shareholders.

Sky Mobile

Sky Logo

Sky is now entering the mobile industry as a provider. It will include flexible monthly payment schemes as well as data roll over. According to Sky, 46,000 have already pre-registered for the service.

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