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UK unemployment

unemployed man holding a sign: Looking for a job

It is said that unemployment in the UK has been at its lowest in 11 years. However, The Bank of England predict that it will rise with the uncertainty of Brexit.

Britain’s social mobility issue

multiracial youth

Under a third of people surveyed by the Social Mobility Commission believe that the UK is a country where talent and hard work will allow one to succeed. The majority of people believe that background is key. The Social Mobility Commission is putting a State of the Nation 2016 report to Parliament this morning highlighting these grave issues that could produce a “corrosive” society.

Home ownership falling

House keys

First-time buyers need more support when purchasing their homes. The 25-34 year old demographic have seen a 59% (2003) to 37% (2015) drop. Major factors are lower incomes for young people since the financial crisis in 2008 and limited access to mortgage finance.

US commitments to climate change questionable

USA light pollution from NASA

The President-elect Donald Trump previously campaigned about backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Now French President Francois Hollande is saying that the US must respect their commitments made under the Paris Climate Agreement. It is the first global attempt of fighting climate change and the US needs to be involved.

Oil shortage by the end of the decade


The International Energy Agency has warned that the world could face an oil supply shortage by 2020. This could cause huge changes in prices and investment.

Amazon and Morrisons working hand-in-hand


Amazon Prime Now customers can now have a Morrisons shop delivered to them in an hour for £6.99 or they can pick a 2 hour delivery slot for free if they live in selected postcodes in London and Hertfordshire. This should boost the supermarket chain in areas that they have little foothold.

Children’s exposure to hate speech

The dark Internet on macbook

Ofcom claims that a third of internet users between the ages of 12 and 15 have seen hate speech online in the past year. More pressing is the fact that a quarter of 8 to 15 year olds using Google believed that any link in its listing could be used as reliable content.

Google to invest in UK

Google Office

Google is going to open a new HQ in London which could produce 3,000 new jobs by 2020. This is due to London’s leading technology scene and talent. However, if Brexit stops skilled immigration, then the investment could be at risk.

Do the RSPCA need prosecution powers?


MPs believe that the RSPCA should be stripped of its prosecution powers. They believe that the RSPCA should continue their investigatory work on animal welfare, but not be able to be the first to prosecute.

Nintendo to launch Super Mario for iPhone

Super Mario Logo - Nintendo

Nintendo has been criticised for being slow on the uptake of one of the fastest growing sources of revenue – the smartphone. After the success of Pokémon Go, they are launching Super Mario Run on 15th December. The full game will cost £8.

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