When starting your own business there is so much to do. You want to be sure you have the basics taken care of before you’re well into your business and are regretting your disorganization. Having the right technology for your business may not seem important, but having the right phone systems, computers, printers, and other technologies can certainly make your day-to-day operations run much smoother.

The start up costs of having all of this new technology can seem cumbersome. However, if you don’t run your business with the proper equipment you could miss out on some valuable business due to frustrated customers. For instance, if you don’t have a proper business phone system you could either miss calls altogether or drop important calls. If a customer or client has a hard time getting a hold of you because you don’t have the proper phone system it’s likely that they will take their business elsewhere.

Similarly, when starting a business you need to have a proper Internet connection. With so much being done online these days if you don’t have a strong connection for your business you will be much less productive. You may just be starting your business, but you should know less productivity means less money for you. By researching for good Internet providers and hosts you can find an Internet connection that won’t ever kick you off line or waste your time by loading slowly.

Proper computers and printers are also going to be essential for your business.  For small businesses it’s probably best to have an all in one laser printer, fax, and scanner. This is because it will be less expensive than buying all of the separate machines and it will save you space. You probably won’t have a lot of room for all of the separate items.  As far as computers go, for start up businesses you should use a laptop.  A portable computer will allow you to work from anywhere rather than having to be in the office to access your business information.

The right technology can really make starting your business run smoother. It may seem like a frivolous task and that you will be able to get by on the technology you have, but you really will pay for it in the long run. Having reliable technology will be the foundation of your new business.

This article was written by Lauren Beerling. Lauren works for OAC Technology, a Minneapolis IT Firm.