There are many different types of home businesses that you can start from selling crafts, to graphic design, to hanging your own shingle as an attorney. With the technology available today there are no limits to what you can accomplish from your home office. There are, however, some basic tools of the trade that you need to be able to start and run your business from home and be successful.

Business Licence — It is very important that you check with your local authorities to ensure that you obtain the right business licence. Some places require them and some do not depending upon the type of business you will have. Some areas frown on having customers come to your residential location so know the laws and follow them.

Business Bank Account — It is very important to open a business back account, keeping your personal finances separate from your business finances. Even if you currently have no money that is from the business, use a check and invest some of your personal money in opening a business chequing account. It will help you when figuring taxes and with a multitude of other accounting issues. Not to mention that you’ll immediately look more professional than if you don’t open a business chequing account.

Technology — Whether you choose a laptop, personal computer, tablet, or work from your Smartphone depends on your business. However, most people still work with a laptop or PC and use the other technology when out and about or on the go. When comparing technology consider what you’ll use it for, and how you’ll use it as you go through each choice.  Knowing how much memory you need and the tech requirements of all the software you’re going to need will help you choose wisely.

Business Website –– Today, it’s simple to create a good, professional business website using the self-hosted WordPress program. A free open source program that makes creating websites as simple as creating a blog. Speaking of blogs, websites today must have a or be a blog. Without a continuous stream of updated content the search engines and humans will never discover your fabulous products or services.

Specialised Software — Depending on what your products or services are, you’ll need to research what kind of software that may be. Whether you’re a graphic designer or a lawyer you’ll need software specific to your profession. Try doing a search on the Internet for software for your profession. You may be surprised at what is available today.

General Office Software — Currently Microsoft Office is the standard for word-processing and office software the world over. Today, you can use MS Office 365 in the cloud for all your general document needs. If money is tight you can also use free open source software for the time being, such as It is a full suite of products much like MS Office, though not as advanced.

Bookkeeping Software — From spreadsheets, to Quickbooks, to cloud-based software like, you’re sure to find a bookkeeping software that you like. Do ask your accountant what he or she prefers that you use though so that you can go through tax season without hiccups.

Project Management Software — This is truly the best time in history to begin a home based business. With the proliferation of cloud-based software to manage projects you are sure to find something that you like. One of my favorites is 37signal’s, The cost is reasonable and you can do a lot with it.

By considering thoroughly,  all of these tools and needs for your business before you get started you’ll start out on the right footing ensuring your business start up success.

Author: Stephanie Watson is a soloprenuer, blogger and author at Barry Publishing. She writes extensively about small business apps and technology for well respected companies such as