Part of the company formation process will require legally registered companies to have a UK registered office address. This address will be required when registering your company online with Companies House. A registered Office can be anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales. Your official company address is where all legal documentation and notices from Companies House and HMRC will be sent. It is important to have a proper company address so all documents and any correspondence is dealt with professional and promptly.

There are many companies and businesses that use their personal home address as their registered office. Those who do not own their own property will have to check their tenancy agreement to see if they have permission to use the address for business purposes.

There are many business owners who prefer to have their home address kept completely separate so it is not visible to the public. Most Company formation agents like us will offer a registered office service. So if you do not wish to use your own address, are forming a UK company from overseas or do not have a suitable UK address then using a registered office service could be ideal. A registered office address will be displayed on all paperwork and company websites.

There are many businesses that choose to use a registered address. Most company formation agents will offer a Registered Office & Mail forwarding service allowing you to use their company address. Company Formations 247 for example are based in London so our address will be filed at Companies House as your company’s Registered Office. All official mail can then be forwarded to any UK address that you specify. As a company’s registered address is available for the public to see, using a registered office service can be a good way to maintain your privacy and prevent any junk mail being sent. One distinct advantage of using a registered office service alongside a trading address is that it can provide the impression that a company is operating from multiple locations adding prestige to your business.

A Registered Office address will be used primarily for official corespondence for Companies House and HMRC as well as being the registered office address that is visible to the public. All other correspondence such as Supplier letters and invoices, bank statements and correspondence, VAT returns and parcels should be sent to your trading address.

Having a registered office address is a legal requirement and it can be worth thinking about what option is best for you prior to starting a business. You can find out more about company formations with registered address here.