When a small business wants to increase their workforce by hiring new employees, this can seem daunting especially if a business has not recruited before. Employees play a vital role in the success of a small business because the decisions which they make can affect profit margins. In a small business, the total number of skills which are shared by all employees should be equal to that of a large business. Recruitment of experienced and capable people is therefore highly recommended.

Advertise on job websites

Although there are websites which profile job advertisements that are in certain job sectors, a job should be posted onto as many recruitment websites as possible. By putting a job advertisement on several or dozens of websites will mean that a greater number of people will apply. As word of mouth spreads about a particular role, it could be put onto additional websites by a third party. Therefore, greater awareness of the position you’re hiring for becomes apparent. It is imperative that a closing date is clearly detailed as well because this will deter people from wasting their time on applying for a role when you may be holding interviews.

The importance of multi-tasking

As a small business, you may ask employees to multi-task. In a large company which has a substantial workforce, employees normally have a specific job which restricts them to completing a certain number of duties.

In a small business, employees are normally asked to multi-task and complete various duties simultaneously. If another employee fails to turn up for their shift or calls in sick, another employee may be asked to do their job whilst they are not at work. For example, a sales professional may be required to work on reception and vice-versa.

It is recommended that during the interview process, a small business should ask questions about whether a candidate can complete other duties than what they will be hired for. If an administrator is hired to work in an office for a building firm, they may be asked to obtain items from a warehouse and put them into delivery bays so that it can be picked by those who work on site. If that person has no prior experience of working in a warehouse, they won’t be a desirable candidate when compared to someone who can do such duties.

Getting help from a recruitment agency

If you have minimal free time but there are many things on your to-do list, you won’t be able to conduct interviews or sift through CV’s which are sent to you by the people who applied for the position you’re hiring for. A recruitment agency has helped many businesses with their recruitment process. They can view the applications which have been sent to you and provide a detailed list of the candidates who they believe should be interviewed.

Doing interviews yourself

Although an agency can carry out the recruitment process on your behalf, you may want to do this personally because a recruitment agency might not notice personality traits which you are looking for. Personally reading each application may take a while but the right candidate will be found. You can also rest reassured that the perfect candidate did not slip through the net because of mistakes which were made by a recruitment agency.

As a small business may want to grow as soon as possible, finding highly qualified and experienced individuals is imperative. Not only will employees have good job satisfaction but you will also be very happy with their performance as well.