This coming Friday, I’ll be sat on a train heading towards the South West to participate in Startup Weekend Exeter. The event could change several business ideas into a reality and continue to grow Exeter’s startup culture.

In just 54 hours, there will be chances to network, speak to coaches and mentors, win prizes, gain feedback from experts and eat glorious food at this fully catered weekend. It will kick off with pitches on Friday – and a chance to win an iPod for the best pitch – which will lead to the formation of teams based on the top ideas (determined by popular vote).

The next couple of days seem to be focused on creating a business model, designing, coding and making the concepts valid for market. This will end in presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders that act as a panel of judges as well as providing critical feedback.

The event is supported by Exeter City Futures, the University of Exeter and Setsquared. Thanks to Exeter City Futures, there will be a chance to focus on developing solutions to reduce energy consumption and thus, make Exeter a cleaner and greener city.

Being excited is an understatement. Rumour has it there are people flying in for this event from as far as Tehran! If you’re as intrigued as I am, see if you can still grab a ticket for £25. I can’t wait to hear new business concepts, work on revolutionary ideas and talk to the entrepreneurs that are changing this world.

In the entrepreneurial spirit of the event: Less talk, more action.

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