An apt, distinctive and very memorable name for any type of start up company is absolutely essential in order for its products or services to get really noticed. Ideas for businesses can be thoroughly researched and even partially tested beforehand but it is the company name and image that equips and drives its marketing potential. Therefore creatively and exclusively naming the business is one of those important decisions that may require plenty of thought. Even if outside advice is sought an agent will often request some company background information and maybe a few preferences regarding names. Usually the founder of the business will already have a number of possible name suggestions in mind. Choosing the company name involves attempting to incorporate product or service identities as well as projecting a unique and professional impression. Following these steps will help guide you through possibilities, restrictions, registration and making that final decision.

Brainstorming and Guidance

Conjuring up concepts for the creation of a UK company name can be a solitary experience or a group effort depending on preference. This is known as a ‘brainstorm’ where expressive words, impulses, values, history, trends and many other company related highlights are voiced, explored and discussed. Some people find a blank notebook with a list of relevant keywords, such as the service or product range offered and any initial preferred or exclusive ideas a great starting point. From this record of options and favorites one is able to envisage further characteristics or particulars. Jot everything down and maybe carry the book around for a couple of days for recording additional flurries of inspiration.

Searches and Limits

If not much is generated from a brainstorming session there are lots of agencies specializing in assisting business clients with company name creation. Once some possibilities have been finalised, you will need to check that these are actually available for registration. Our website has a real time online name check function that will immediately tell you whether your chosen name is available or not. Please note that all limited company names must end with either Limited or Ltd. If a name contains anything considered sensitive or offensive it is disallowed. These limitations are fair and commonsensical and they should not impact upon imaginative relevant naming. This part of the process is a necessity. For more information on naming restrictions, please check out our specific article on this.

Narrow it down and be Decisive

Once likely names have been selected and verified as available the main contenders need to be narrowed down until only 3 remain. At this stage it will be necessary to do a trademark check to ensure the best chosen names in the shortlist have not been trademarked. Now the company name choices can be further analysed for distinctiveness, memorability, marketing power and most favorable. Look at each one imagining it displayed on company stationary, transport, products, advertising in addition to the name’s branding potential. Following this sort of evaluation it should soon become clear which name and its resulting reaction and effect stands out. Before a final decision is made it could be helpful to obtain a couple of logo concepts based on names liked. This may assist in visualizing which name could impress and be remembered.the most.

Register and Go

Having checked that your chosen name is available for registration,  and assuming you have done so on our website,, you are now ready to register your company. The cost is low, as little as £16.99, and the whole registration can be completed within 3 hours! The application requires simply supplying the all important company name along with name and address of the Directors and Shareholders along with individual share values. You will also need to provide a Registered Office in the UK as this is a legal requirement for all companies incorporated in the UK. Many of our specially constructed formation packages include the use of our London address, should you wish to do so. A private limited company under UK law also requires a Memorandum & Articles of Association, effectively the constitution of your company. Don’t worry – we provide all of the legal documentation required.

Deciding on and registering a company name is an excellent motivator for the launch of any business venture. If help is required from the start or at any of the mandatory steps concerning the naming there is plenty available. When the name and logo arrangement are creatively decided and finalised the company is able to be born to grow. Once this big step has been taken the newly named company will be ready to concentrate on production, vital marketing, sales and growth. A fantastic name is always a massive bonus in the business world so take your time in making this important decision.