Keeping up with the news can be tricky. Even the most eagle-eyed observer can miss a vital news story. We think being up-to-date on economic developments is key to the success of your startup.

Every Wednesday we provide the top 10 key bits of business news from the past week.

The Brexit bill

Theresa May exiting a car

After the Supreme Court ruled MPs having to vote on the initiation of Brexit, a policy document needs to follow. It has been suggested that a Brexit bill may be drafted as early as Thursday.

Sexist dress rules reform

men in suits and woman in heels

MPs suggest that the government should make an effort to ban sexist dress codes.

Car investment slowing

First-time driver

Strong increases in car investment have seen a steep drop in 2016 and 2017. Some investors are unwillingly to put forward their interests until there is clarity on Brexit.

Scotch whiskey supporting the UK’s economy

Scotch Whiskey

Scotch whiskey brings in £5bn a year. This may be a strategically important product for the UK, especially with its high value when exported.

Pound spikes with the fall of the dollar

Small Stacks Of Pound Coins

With the uncertainty of the american economy, the drop in the dollar has caused the pound to spike.

London air quality

Piccadilly Circus Advert Board

London’s air pollution has soared to its highest point since 2011. NO2 levels in Brixton exceeded the EU permitted amount for the year in the first 5 days of 2017.

WH Smith travel shops

WH Smith

WH Smith’s travel shops have performed well, significantly boosting its sales and profit.

Brexit prompts citizenship classes

British court

In the wake of Brexit and the previous Newspapers’ labelling of judges as ‘enemies of the people’, free citizenship classes are being rolled out into secondary schools. This will hopefully explain the role of the judiciary to students.

Citigroup escaping London


Citigroup is searching for a new European base for when the UK leave the EU.

Climate change strikes Europe


Atlantic-facing coasts will be severely affected by flooding and storms.

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