Keeping up with the news can be tricky. Even the most eagle-eyed observer can miss a vital news story. We think being up-to-date on economic developments is key to the success of your startup.

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Theresa May on free trade


Theresa May has stated that she wants “freest possible movement of trade and goods” which, as it stands, is the single market we have now. She understands that stifling the freedom of movement will mean that we will not have access to the single market. She has drawn a strict line on immigration so she will be negotiating for whatever comes below the single market.

Deliveroo introducing 300 new UK tech jobs

Deliveroo cyclistWith plans to open a London HQ, Deliveroo is seeking to expand their staff by a third. That means they will be introducing 300 new tech jobs England’s capital.

Countries queuing up to trade with the UK

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson has claimed that countries from around the world are ‘queuing up’ to trade with the UK once it leaves the EU.

Hope for the Paris climate deal

Donald TrumpAlthough Trump campaigned to pull out of the Paris climate deal (because he believes that climate change is a Chinese hoax plot), he is now approaching the issue with ‘open ears’. He has acknowledged that there is indeed a link between people and climate change.

Scottish independence?

bigstock-Scottish-Flag-3449204 (1)Following Theresa May’s speech, Sturgeon has signalled that leaving the single market will be economically catastrophic. Another independence vote or special EU access to Scotland is an interest to Sturgeon.

Halve food waste by 2030

Food wasteDue to several campaign groups across Europe, the European environment committee will vote on new regulations regarding the EU food waste policy in late January. Campaigners are urging to halve food waste by 2030 – 88m tonnes of it is wasted per year.

UK App Store prices peak

App storeApple has announced a 25% increase in price on the UK App Store due to the fall of the pound.

EE overcharging customers

EE logoEE has been fined £2.7m for overcharging customers.

UK unemployment levels falling

unemployed man holding a sign: Looking for a jobin the last 3 months, UK unemployment figures have fallen to 1.6million.

Mark Zuckerberg in court

Oculus RiftZenimax claims that its software was stolen to make Oculus, the VR company, a success. After Facebook bought Oculus, Zenimax vocalised these claims and Mark Zuckerberg is dismissing any allegations.

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