Keeping up with the news can be tricky. Even the most eagle-eyed observer can miss a vital news story.  We think being up-to-date on economic developments is key to the success of your startup.

Every Wednesday we provide the top 10 key bits of business news from the past week.

Hermes in trouble with HMRC

Hermes Logo

Hermes employees are being paid below minimum wage (approximately 80p per hour lower than the Government living wage) and being wrongly classified as self-employed. Hermes are now facing allegations from HMRC.

Last shopping rounds before inflation hits

UK Highstreet

This has been the strongest quarter since 2014 for UK retailers. It is believed that consumers are shopping now before post-Brexit inflation hits the high streets

Onshore windfarms prove popular in the UK

Onshore wind farmsA UK opinion poll by ComRes found that 73% of the British public support onshore windfarms. This is surprisingly high seeing as the government decided to block them. They are more popular than fracking and nuclear power which is what the government are looking into.

Serial returners: a retailer’s worst nightmare

Clothes shopA large amount of people are, what is known as, Serial returners. They buy clothes and return a large amount of them back to the stores. Unfortunately, many of the returns have been warn so have been returned with missing pieces or marked which makes them impossible to resell.

Theresa May heads to her first EU summit as PM

Theresa May speakingTheresa May is going to her first EU summit whilst debates continue over the UK Brexit strategy. The UK is set to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in March in order to initiate a formal negotiation which will see the UK officially leave the EU by 2019. However, the EU summit’s focus is on migration, trade and Russia.

Broadband available for everyone

BroadbandA body representing the councils in England and Wales are striving to get financial help to pay for fast broadband for the poorest people in society.

Star Dash Studios aims to improve people’s numeracy skills

Star Dash StudiosMaths charity, National Numeracy, has developed an app to improve 15 to 25 year olds numeracy skills. In the game, you are a film set runner. It sets everyday maths problems to solve during your tasks to, hopefully, boost everyday numeracy skills.

Tesla self-driving cars

Tesla Model STesla is making all their cars have self-driving systems. However, they will not be fully activated until they complete tests to make completely driverless cars.

Apple announces next event

MacBook ProApple has announced its next event is on 27th October. There are rumours that there are new MacBook Pros as the laptop line has not seen new releases since May 2015.

Autumn warmth

AutumnThe temperature has only just started to drop. Unfortunately, this means that consumers did not start stocking up on warmer clothes in September which meant that September retail sales were low.

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