In the digital age, networking is still a vital marketing tool. When companies don’t embrace networking, profit margins can start to dip because it is not making fresh connections on a regular basis. When a company wants to network more effectively, here are a couple of tips that explain how it can play a central role in its success:

Contact existing connections

If a client hasn’t been contacted in a while, they might have forgotten about the services which were provided to them. Every client both past and present can be contacted. The saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is certainly true in this aspect because a client could tell others about an organisation and their services.

Online networking

Many organisations prefer to network online. When the contact details that are on its website are correct, it can be included on emails or other correspondence which are sent to potential clients. Only relevant companies and individuals should be contacted in order to increase customer base. When the wrong people are emailed, they probably won’t respond and an organisation would have wasted their time. Before networking online, make a list of who to contact. As well as email, networking can also be done in online forums. By posting messages in popular forums, they can be read by the right people. As messages stay in forums for a long time, it can reach a huge number of people. When a message paints an organisation in a positive light, it can be used to network with for a while.

Face-to-face networking

Conferences and exhibitions are other prime locations for networking. When meeting other companies that could then hire an organisation’s services or buy their products, they can be given a business card. By positively explaining an organisation’s services or products, it could then be contacted. When several business cards are given to many people at a conference, multiple new connections can be made. When designing a business card, check that it has the relevant contact details. Consequently, when someone wants to get in touch with a company, they will know what their email address or telephone number is and won’t have to find out this information themselves. One established networking organisation is This is a great place to meet other business owners and promote your services.

Know what to say beforehand

Making new contacts is an art form which requires a lot of preparation. First impressions play a huge role when networking and by telling potential connections the right information, they can be suitably impressed. When striking up a conversation with a potential client, avoid small talk and instead focus on an organisation’s services or products.  As a result, it could make many new connections.

Contact a potential client after giving them a business card

When the person that was given a business card doesn’t get in touch for a while, don’t wait for them to do so. They might have simply misplaced it or been too busy. By contacting each person who was given a business card, this demonstrates an organisations commitment to making new connections. Even if they don’t want to hire an organisation or buy their products at the moment, this could change in the future. Consequently, an organisation could increase its customer base in several weeks’ time courtesy of this marketing approach.