Pokémon GO was only released last week and is already breaking records. Any statistic I use in this article within moments will be out of date. In a few days, the nostalgic 90s app was downloaded more than 10 million times despite only being released in a few nations. Downloads currently have overtaken Tinder and the number of engaged daily users is set to overtake Twitter.

In those few days, Nintendo has seen their shares skyrocket over 150% and the value of the company rise by over £9 billion. The success and rapid growth of this app is undeniable. But how, you may ask, can my startup share in its success?

Below are a few useful tips to get your startup reaping the benefits of the Pokémon GO craze.

The methods that your startup can benefit from the game relates to its gameplay features. The game provides a real world map, much like Google earth or Googlemaps. On this map players can walk around to find Pokémon, gain items at “Pokéstops” and challenge other players at various “Gyms”. This is where your startup can take advantage.


Pokéstops are physical locations from random businesses and tourist attractions to churches and cemeteries. For instance, the three nearest Pokéstops from our content writing department include a piece of wall art, a local barbers and a Christian Spiritualist church.

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At the moment Pokéstops are predetermined seemingly at random. However, you can complete an online request form to apply for your business to be a Pokéstop.

This increases your name recognition through your community as Pokémon trainers recognise and talk about your startup’s Pokéstop, but it can also increase your footfall and revenue.


Pokéstops can be used while people are travelling, however, when these stops are combined with a common item found in the game called a ‘lure’  it becomes a whole different matter. Lures can only be attached to Pokéstops and are active for half an hour. The lure attracts Pokémon to the Pokéstop for users to catch.

This can be a great tool to get those gamers to come into your new startup, especially if you are a café or bar. Lures can be picked up at Pokéstops, purchased in game for £1 and can be activated by all players passing by.


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Gyms, like Pokéstop, are physical locations within the real world that appear on the maps of Pokémon GO players.  Users then fight for control of the Gyms for their teams valor, mystic and instinct.

A Gym often changes hands four or five times a day and has many users interacting with it daily. It can take a while for gamers to take a gym, depending on strength and amount of Pokémon inside it. Due to this, those challengers often wish to get off the busy and crowded sidewalk. This is a great opportunity for your small business to invite users in.

Again you can apply for your business to become a gym through an online request form.

Offers and promotions


Entice wandering Pokémon trainers by experimenting with offers and promotions surrounding the game. From a simple board outside welcoming adventurers inside to discounts if they can prove they are they are the best there ever was.

Try out some ideas and be friendly to the swathes of fans roaming the streets!

Exploit the online trend

The Pokémon GO hashtag has been trending since release and is likely to keep trending as the app is developed and released to more of the public. So jump on the social media bandwagon. Think of new and creative ways to use  to get some name recognition and reach places your business would not normally reach.

It’s also marketing 101. Never underestimate how important it is to show that your startup has similarities with your consumers. Showing that you are enjoying and engaged in something they are, is a great way to gather support as well as loyal customers.