Lean Conference aka LeanConf is the must attend event for innovative start ups, entrepreneurs, innovators and product managers – and it is rapidly approaching. This now famous conference within the business world is well regarded as an event that provides for valuable contacts, inspirational speakers and the provision of tools for individuals to succeed in operating environments that now change faster than ever. So here we tell you all about what you can expect from these business titans in 2016, and why you really should be heading right on over to their website to book your tickets today.

LeanConf: For people working to create awesome businesses & products

LeanConf is a 3-day event for entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators, product managers and people working to create awesome businesses. You’ll leave the event inspired, with valuable contacts and the knowledge to grow and succeed in this fast changing landscape.

The details

LeanConf is now in its third year and it seems that this brand goes from strength to strength, attracting much attention amongst the Lean Start up industry. Most notably this event is non-profit, with the founders saying that their focus is on building a community event, for the community. 2016 will bring about the biggest event yet, with all early bird tickets already sold out.

LeanConf 16 will be taking place between the 21st and the 23rd of April 2016; this year’s event will be taking place in the beautiful town hall of Manchester.

A real plus point about this event is the way in which it puts the power of tailoring the experience into attendee’s hands. To this end, businesses and entrepreneurs have two ‘track’ options: Lean Start up track and Lean Enterprise track. This, alongside their flexible ticket structure, allows you to either attend the whole event or simply choose the days that may be most relevant to your business.

Tickets are priced at £300 (£250 + VAT) for the first day; with the second day coming in at £180 (£150 + VAT) and the third day, known as the ‘LeanCamp – Unconference Day’ offering tickets at £42 (£35 + VAT).

Check out the ticket prices in full

What you can expect

Actionable advice and Inspiration

Events such as LeanConf should really achieve two things: to present takeaways that can be actioned for business growth, and plenty of inspiration to ensure attendees leave feeling inspired. To achieve this LeanConf has secured some of the leading Lean Start up speakers in the world, who span from thought-leaders to those who have founded some of the world’s most successful businesses.

Engaging format

LeanConf isn’t merely a string of inspirational speakers. It goes beyond the passive audience to get attendees involved. There will be workshops, talks and an unconference day – so that every person can find the right format for them.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Conferences should serve as inspiring platforms from which to network, and LeanConf takes this notion a step further by providing a ‘Hallway Stream’ where there will be 500 Lean Start up individuals to whom you can connect.

This is an event where the atmosphere is buzzing, where the organisers go beyond the standard to make everyone feel included and at-ease to converse with others.

Taking a look at the key speakers

Alistar Croll – Author of ‘Lean Analytics’

Alistar Croll will be opening the conference with a keynote called ‘Just Evil Enough’; within this he will be discussing the issue of attention span within modern marketing and emphasising the need to look past press releases and all the other typical marketing tasks to indulge in tactics that are ‘just evil enough’.

Cindy Alvarez – Director of UX at Yammer, Microsoft

Cindy Alvarez will be taking on the topic of ‘Why Customer Development Isn’t Working’; within this closing keynote speech she will be telling attendees why companies often completely ignore extensive market research and customer profiling and how this can, and should, be stopped.

Poornima Vijayashanker – Founder of Femgineer

Poornima Vijayashanker will be talking about ‘How to Ship Your Ideas’; taking on the issue of just how a company can harness those many ideas that they may have for the next software project, and go on to ship their products to market.

Sonja Kresojevic – SVP of product Lifecycle at Pearson – Author of the Lean Entrepreneur and the Lean Brand

Sonja Kresojevic’s presentation will provide attendees with key Lean Start up lessons from Pearson, where Sonja will share her personal experiences from working toward an award winning innovation program.

Brant Cooper – Author of the Lean Entrepreneur and the Lean Brand

Brant’s speech hasn’t as yet been confirmed, however with a reputation that proceeds him, and two world class book titles to his name, this will be one talk not to miss.

Colin McFarland – Head of CRO and Product Owner of Experimentation Service at Skyscanner

Colin McFarland will talk about ‘Implementing a Culture of Experimentation’ where a healthy environment within which ideas can be tested for the best outcome, can lead to smarter experiments and an innovative development culture.

What others are saying

The Lean Conference has an amazing track record for events that engage, inspire and guide their audiences, just take a look at what others have had to say about previous events:

“Amazing speakers and talks. Incredible work team @LeanConf #LeanConf”

– Gemma Cameron

Your boss should be sending you to this. Don’t have a boss? Well, then you should definitely be at this leanconf.co.uk/2016 #LeanConf

– Samantha Deakin

#LeanConf so far. Didn’t cost much at all for a 2 day conference. Brilliantly energetic world class speakers!

– Axelisys Ltd

Office Hours at #LeanConf last night was extremely helpful. Really valuable. Thanks to @AnitaBNewton, @go2girl and @Kathryn_E_Kuhn.

– Cain Ullah

#LeanConf Listening to an awesome Lean Analytics workshop given by @acroll in San Francisco

– Binggo Incubator CEO


#leanconf was ridiculously awesome – one of the best conferences I’ve been to for startups. Way to go team

– Al Mackin, Founder of Formisimo

Still undecided?

If you’re unsure as to whether to go ahead and book your tickets for this event then why not head on over to their website and leave your email address. That way you can be kept up-to-date with all the news from the event, as well as potentially having a discount or two sent straight to your inbox.

Visit the Leanconf website

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