Great business, but poor feng shui? The workspace is just as important as any strategic business initiatives. So follow these 7 top tips to help you create the ideal workspace that is productive, healthy and reflects the values of your business.

1. Your workplace must fit you and your business

When going to buy a new suit, you not only make sure it fits, but also that it matches your style and personality. That’s why our top tip for creating an ideal workspace is not just making sure it can fulfill the function it’s meant for, convenient size, appropriate computers, relevant technology, broadband strength, but also that the workspace fits your business ethos, culture and brand.

For example, if you’re producing physical products such as coats or handbags, as opposed to providing an online service, you will need to give greater consideration to how much space you will need for technical machinery. If on the other hand you are providing a telecommunication service then finding a workspace that has consistently good broadband is top of your list.

2. Location, Location, Location

Establish yourself in a geographical location that’s well suited to your industries needs.  Economists call this external economy of scale, but in colloquial terms, it’s common sense really.

Just ask yourself, can the location provide me with the team I want? Does the location match my business brand and values? Does the location help or hinder my business? Does the location give me the ability to expand? Is transport going to be an issue for employees, customers and possible business partners? Is the location practical and cost-efficient?

3. Be smart with office floor planning

Traditionally, offices have been designed to illustrate the symbolism of status within a business. The bigger and more private your office the more prestigious you are.

However, modern day cooperative workspaces require effective communication, teamwork and a variety of interconnected departments. A well designed workspace should always be designed to be as efficient and productive as possible.

4. Borrow daylight and natural landscapes. It’s free after all!

Ideal workspace with natural light

Natural light produces serotonin in the brain, a chemical that drastically improves moods and the ability to handle stressful situations. So borrow that daylight! Find an office with an east facing window. The bigger, the better. Or plan your office interior with natural light in mind by limiting any unnecessary obstructions of light and paint your walls with bright reflective colours.

5. Reduce the racket

We all know noise can be a real problem in collaborative environments. Studies have shown that when employees are exposed to consistent noise it raises levels of stress, the volatility of negative moods and can even create serious health issues after prolonged exposure.

Make an effort to reduce noise levels. Some companies allow music on overhead speakers, but make sure it’s beneficial for all your employees. If you have teams that need quiet – like your copywriters – don’t sit them next to the sales team.

6. Free your employee’s individuality

Spending everyday in an alien and uncomfortable environment can stop employees from reaching their fullest potential. This is why it’s sensible to allow individuals to organize and optimize space in the most beneficial and personalised way.

This can be simple adjustments such as allowing employees to change the distance of monitors, the position of telephones or the purchase of adjusting chairs. According to a study by the Identity Realization Workplace Consultancy, the introduction of personalised accessories whether that’s family photos or plants can lead to a 32% increase in workplace productivity.

7. Clocks don’t slow down time. Clocks slow down productivity

We all do it.  Constantly checking the clock and counting down the hours, minutes and seconds till we can get home. However, watching the clock doesn’t only just slow down time, it slows down productivity as well. It’s guaranteed to kill your employees focus, motivation and creativity. Bin those clocks.

These quick and easy tips are sure to make your workspace a success. So why wait? Get ahead of the competition today and find your ideal workplace.

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Originally from Grimsby, Shaun is a Politics, Philosophy and Economics Undergraduate at Goldsmiths University of London. Shaun has joined the team at Company Formations 24.7 as an Intern and Content writer for the summer period.