So, for one reason or another, you have decided to look for a co-founder.  Now it’s time to find your perfect partner.  Below I’ve listed a couple of places that you should look, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Friends and Family

Starting a company with a friend or family member can be an ideal scenario. Roles and responsibilities can be more easily carved out; you both can communicate in a meaningful way and you understand one another more deeply than any other partnership can. In addition, it is likely that you do get on well with your friends.

However, a crucial question that you must ask yourself before venturing into a business partnership with a family member or friend is, “could our relationship handle the potential pressure?”

As an example of successful family and friends co-founding, let’s take the case of Alexandra Johnson and Matt Heath the founders of Fools & Queens. The startup creates classic luxury puddings with a twist – they’re all low in sugar and gluten-free. Alexandra and Matt both met during their time in the armed forces after spending 15 months together on a training course. Matt was an officer in the Household Cavalry and Alexandra an officer in the Royal Air Force. The success of their small business led them to venture further and continue their entrepreneurial coupling in opening up Fortnums & Masons.

For another example take Jonathan Wegener and Benny Wong from Timehop.  The two were roommates (and close friends) during their first year at Columbia.

Mutual connections

Of course, not everyone has a member of their family or a close friend that would make a great co-founder. But their relatives, friends and colleagues may.  There is never any harm in asking around, sending an email out, or posting on social media that you are looking for a budding business partner.

You’ll be surprised at how many people you can reach through mutual connections.

Dedicated networking events

Everyday around the UK there are dedicated networking events for current and potential entrepreneurs.  Whether that’s conferences, fairs, receptions, forums or local breakfast meetups.

These are great places to find like-minded dedicated entrepreneurs with varying skill sets and industry backgrounds.

To keep informed about upcoming meetups check out sites such as Eventbrite, MeetUp, StartupWeekend, StartupAgents and more.

Co-founder matchmaking websites

With the rise of dating sites also came the formation of co-founder matchmaking websites.  They all provide a different niche; however, they all have the same goal, to find you that perfect business partner. Here is just a few of the best to check out.


This site has over 70,000 members, advisors, interns and startup professionals to help launch and grow your business. Creating a profile is completely free and you can quickly browse and communicate with other entrepreneurs looking to find a co-founder. Before contacting a candidate, there is also the function to review key information on their profile.


FounderDating offers a highly developed network for entrepreneurs to connect with co-founders to work with on their next venture. The site also has a quality advice networking that links up starting entrepreneurs with the more experienced. The site prides itself on finding you ‘world-class people with complimentary skill-sets, expert areas and knowledge.’


Founder2be provides the most varied startup community. The site offers those with all skill sets looking to startup whether they are developers, web designers or marketers.

Entrepreneur activities and events.

Networking and pitching events play a tremendous part in the lives of almost all entrepreneurs. It provides an enormous opportunity to present your startup to investors, fellow entrepreneurs and more.

This gives the opportunity to not only directly find a business partner, but to enter a community of like-minded entrepreneurs with connections to potential partners.

Examples of such events include The Entrepreneur Fair, CEO Space, Secret Knock and much much more. Huge events dedicated to entrepreneurs and startups are daily and all across the world.


I hope this article has helped you know where to go in order to find your perfect co-founder. Make sure to play around with each option. This decision is crucial so making sure you have had a good gander at the choices is paramount.

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Originally from Grimsby, Shaun is a Politics, Philosophy and Economics Undergraduate at Goldsmiths University of London. Shaun has joined the team at Company Formations 24.7 as an Intern and Content writer for the summer period.