Every summer there are over 350 music festivals across the UK. Here are a few reasons why you should make sure your new startup is at one of them.

There will be a Music Festival perfectly suited to your new startup.

Big or small. On the coast or in the city. Muddy field and wellingtons or soft beaches and surfboards. The UK Music festival scene offers so much variety that, with a little bit of research, you can find the perfect type of festival that offers the perfect market at the perfect price for your new startup.

Here’s what we mean. Imagine you’re in the business of selling Eco-Friendly sustainable swimwear. Check out Board Masters music festival. Not only is Broad Masters set on the gorgeous beaches of Cornwall and offers a huge focus on surfing and swimming but it’s also well known for championing sustainable causes such as ‘surfers against sewage’ and prides itself on being one of the greenest festivals in the UK. It’s all about researching the right festival that has the right demographic for your startup.

Brand awareness on the ground

Music festivals always attract huge crowds in short spaces of time. According to recent polls around 14 million adults plan on attending a music festival this year. Glastonbury alone attracts over 1750,000 music lovers.  There is no other event in UK that you could find such large concentrations of your B2C target audience.

Brand awareness on the cloud

Students at a festival holding smartphones

Music festivals consistently trend on social media.  Together Glastonbury, Download, V festival, T in the Park and Reading fest have over 1.5million twitter followers. Placing your new startup at the epicentre of this social media earthquake is sure to boost your brand awareness locally, nationally and internationally.

They bring the Celebrities.

Celebrities love going to UK music festivals and marketers should love celebrities. Whether they are headlining or just enjoying the tunes these celebs have a built in captive audience, dedicated followers and huge influence on consumer habits. What celebrities can you expect?  Here’s just a small few of the most famous that went to Glastonbury last year: Pixie Geldof, Bradley Cooper, James Corden, Cara Delevingne, Charlotte Church and the internet King and Queen themselves Kim Kardashian and Kayne West.

There is no better place to get an endorsement by a celebrity.

It’s the perfect place to build your brand image. 

There is nothing cooler than a music festival. That’s why festivals can be the perfect opportunity to make your new startup fashionable. Just by setting up shop on that wet muddy field your brand becomes associated to the well established trendy nature of UK music festivals.

It’s also a sure way to make your consumers and target audience falls in love with your brand. Tapping into Music Festivals is clever marketing.  Your brand becomes more relatable and identifies with the things that your consumers love.

Even smaller community music festivals can do the trick. Ingrid Schneider, the Director of the University of Minnesota Tourism Centre, links festivals to the fostering of community pride. As a new startup respect and affection from locals in the community is crucial for success.

There are opportunities for huge profit.

We all are familiar with a mile long queues outside bonfire night burger vans. Imagine that but bigger and you’re the one making the profit.

This is quite a simple premise really. Festivals bring people, people at festivals bring money. In 2015 around three quarters of millennials spent over £200 on non-essential items when at a UK music festival. This means festivals offer not only large concentrations of people, but a large concentration of expendable cash too. This can be especially profitable if your new startup is in any form of catering.  Last year the Isle of Wight Festival witnessed 1,070 burgers and 35,000 pints of beer sold every hour.  You really can’t go wrong with those kinds of numbers.

It’s a great place to form partnerships.

Music Festivals provide opportunities for you to team up with other small business and form partnerships. Why? Well to get a perfect spot at some larger festivals it can require a lot of capital.

Music Festivals provide incentives for small brands, who are not direct competitors, yet share a similar ethos and market, to come together and create a consumer experience to remember.

It allows you to get creative with your marketing

UK music festivals provide opportunities for your new startup to get creative with marketing.  It allows your new startup to create an un-paralleled buzz that cannot be recreated on any UK high street.

Popular marketing techniques at music festivals often provide people with what they want.  Whether that’s an opportunity to catch some shut eye and relax in a comfy hammock or providing sweaty messy haired festival goers some self care. Clever and creative on the ground marketing techniques with a social media twist can give your new startup the hype it needs.

So what are you waiting for? Research the UK music festival perfect for your new startup. Form partnerships. Build your brand image. Get endorsed by celebrities and get your brand to be a household name.

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Originally from Grimsby, Shaun is a Politics, Philosophy and Economics Undergraduate at Goldsmiths University of London. Shaun has joined the team at Company Formations 24.7 as an Intern and Content writer for the summer period.